‘Mom wants my boyfriend’


A woman of Lusaka and her daughter are on each other’s neck over a man they both allegedly have butterflies in their tummies for.

Instead of assisting each other bake scones and cook nshima like normal mother and daughter relationships, Namonda Mwiinga, 42 and her daughter Anita Mubanga, 23 have dragged each other to court over a man.

This is after mom Namoonda sued her daughter for defamation of character. The legal action is after mom heard that her daughter had been gossiping with every chicken and duck in their area that her mom had an entanglement with her a man she influenced her to dump.

According to the daughter, her mom told her to dump the man in question because he was allegedly promiscuous and had a ‘baby mama’.

However, after implementing her mom’s advice by dumping the man, she later discovered that her mom and the now ex-boyfriend were frequently sharing nice text messages and setting up meetings.

On this score, Anita spat on everything holy and went about accusing her mom of having excessive sexual appetite despite her advanced age and liking her ex-boyfriend for herself as he just had the money she loved.

Bizarrely, instead of just getting a cooking stick and disciplining the daughter she had when she was merely 19 years old herself; Mom Namoonde decided to use the court to shut up her daughter’s foul mouth.

She explained that the messages were from her daughter’s ex-boyfriend pleading with her to reconcile them and not her grabbing the man.

After hearing both sides, the court found that the daughter was right to be annoyed with her mom’s secret communication with her ex-boyfriend and dismissed the defamation claim.

The court further advised mom Namoonde to stay out of her grown children’s relationship.

For her part, the court admonished Anita to respect her mother.

“And for you, no matter what or how you feel, you can never use such words on your mother, that’s disrespectful, how can you compare a 6 months boyfriend to a mother that has raised you for 23 years, you’re too young to be getting sued by your mother, you should learn to respect her, said Senior local Court Magistrate Mpundu Mwape Fwambo.

Kalemba May 9, 2023

By Buumba Mwitumwa


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