Randy Lusaka man impregnants his entire household


HIGH on nutritious Mabisi and fermented Chibwantu, a self-confessed native of the Southern Province of Zambia has scored three goals in his own home situated in Lusaka’s Misisi Compound.

In a bizarre case of mannerless and reckless fertilisation, Isaac Simuyaba, 40 has impregnated his 16-year-old step daughter, his wife’s niece aged 17 plus his own wife aged 37.

After a mere 12 months in marriage, Simuyaba’s wife Agness Mwamba and his two Grade 11 dependents are all four months pregnant for him.

And for this filthy act, his wife, Agness sued him in the Lusaka Boma Local Court for divorce yesterday saying Simuyaba’s ‘sprinkler behaviour’ had brought confusion in their family and pain in her heart.

And with all eyes in the court fixed on him to see how such an abominable man looks like, Simuyaba kept his cool like he had merely shaken hands with three church members after a service.

When quizzed by the court, Simuyaba claimed that in his tradition, he can marry more than one wife and he was ready to add the teenagers to his marriage alongside their mother as wives.

The jobless Simuyaba apportioned some of the blame for his behaviour on the innocent devil and pleaded with the court not to dismantle his marriage.

Shocked by his response, the court granted his wife divorce and further advised her to report Simuyaba to police for incest as he had confessed before court of having booked all the three of them an appointment with the midwife.

Further, Simayaba is to pay his now former wife K5000 as compensation for wasting her one year spent in marriage.

“If you felt your wife was not enough for you, why did you marry her? You don’t even deserve to be moving for the harm you have caused on these girls, sometimes imagine if they were your daughters,” The court told Simuyaba.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba May 5, 2023


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