You are too broke for our daughter, Livingstone parents tell son-in-law

A family of Livingstone has told off their son in-law that he is too broke to be sweating every night on top of their daughter as he was just a broke excuse of a husband who didn’t deserve their daughter.
This was heard after 27 year old Carson Kaumba, sued for divorce on grounds that he had endured 1095 days of severe sexual malnutrition after his in-laws grabbed back their daughter, Evelyn Imasiku
25, scattering their one-year marriage.
Kaumba cried to the Lusaka Boma Court that the katusha missile in his trousers had since 2020 been reduced to a mere urinating pipe as his wife was no where in sight as the parents after withdrawing her from their marriage in Chibombo had enrolled her in school in Livingstone.
This was despite the fact that in the three years that he has rolled alone in bed like a pencil in an empty mathematical set, Kaumba has attempted to improve himself by moving to Mumbwa where he got a better job but even this did not impress his in-laws who only demanded for the balance of the dowry.
The in-laws advised Kaumba to first release his poverty before he can ever think again if releasing anything into their daughter.
As a sign of how little they thought of him, the in-laws and their daughter did not even turn up for the divorce hearing as only some uncle strayed there.
Noting that the marriage literally ended three years ago when the parents retrieved their daughter, the magistrate opined as follows:
“This marriage will now be dissolved as the couple has never had sex in three years and has had many differences since their marriage, therefore, apa chikwati palibe” she added.
Custody of the child was given to the mother, no properties were shared as the couple obtained nothing together, no compensation made to any party and the father was ordered to support the child with K500 monthly subject to be renewed yearly and effective February 28, 2023.
CAPTION: File photo for illustration
Kalemba February 3, 2023


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