Woman fakes pregnancy to get married

IN a desperate attempt to walk down the isle, a 32-year-old woman fooled her husband into marriage on pretext of carrying his child.
Abigail Bwalya of Lusaka’s SOS area claimed to be pregnant to lure Boyd Sinkala, 40, who hurriedly started wedding preparation to avoid disgracing his church committed parents.
This is in a matter where Bwalya filed to divorce her husband, Sinkala at the Lusaka Boma Local Court in order to get her share of the house they aquired as a couple.
Sinkala narrated before the court that two months down the marriage wagon, Bwalya called him from work saying she had miscarried.
But as time passed, Bwalya opened up to Sinkala revealing that she faked her pregnancy and wanted to come out clean about the situation.
However, Sinkala disclosed to the court that the miscarriage was not the root cause of the marital dispute but her attitude towards his children which he had fathered before Bwalya came in the picture.
Sinkala said if the wife did not mistreat his children, the couple would have maintained their marriage and he would have not sent her packing.
“Bwalya has no heart for my children that’s why our marriage failed,” Sinkala added.
In her testimony, Bwalya refused to let another woman enjoy the fruits of her labour by partaking in what she helped build in her ten years of marriage .
Bwalya told the court that after her separation from Sinkala in 2019, he brought in another woman to share her matrimonial home.
“I can’t let another woman enjoy the house we suffered so much to build together,” Bwalya said.
Passing judgement in the matter, Senior Local Court Magistrate Linda Tembo granted the couple divorce.
Judge Tembo ordered the duo to evaluate and sale the house stating that Bwalya was entitled to 30 percent while Sinkala 70 percent of the money once the house is sold.
By Mwiche Nalwimba
Kalemba July 29, 2022



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