Man masturbates to punish wife

While married men find pleasure in erecting their pillars into their wive’s gold mines, a 38-year-old man has been using his hands to service his sexual appetite to punish the wife after an argument.
Wanza Cititala of 10 Miles aged 32 disclosed before the Lusaka Boma local court that her husband Tivwa Muzumara, 38, would go for a whole week without enjoying the sweetness of her husband’s lollipop after a marital dispute.
This is in a case where Cititala took Muzmara to court in order to have their nine year marriage annulled.
Cititala disclosed that she was tired of her husband unloving nature who acted like an account’s clerk in book keeping every wrong she ever did.
“When we argue, just to satisfy his ego, he would rather manstubate to sexually starve me for days,” she disclosed.
However, Cititala revealed that in instances when Muzumara wanted to enter her cave of sweetness, he would become Indiana Jones the treasure hunter, who drilled his way through the pleasure like a wounded Buffalo.
Cititala further disclosed that her husband was stingy and had never bought his children any clothes in their nine year union.
“When my husband has money, he sleeps with his wallet under a pillow and also ensures to carry it to the bathroom when he is bathing,” Cititala revealed.
Cititala added that Muzumara neither knew the price of her underwear nor the beddings the children slept on.
In his defense, Muzumara said the only reason his wife filed for divorce was because of her infidelity.
According to Muzumara, Cititala was having an affair with his tenant/ neighbour.
“I found messages of him saying I love you so much babe and I miss you.”
“So when I threatened her that I will tell his [Neighbor’s] wife, she rushed to court to dissolve our marriage,” Muzumara told the court.
And Senior Local Court Magistrate Pentronella Kalyelye divorced the couple stating that the union had broken down due to emotional drift which was as a result of unmet expectations.
Magistrate Kalyelye said trust was the foundation of marriage and when it walks away it carries love with it.
“Therefore, the two can’t be together even if the family want them to be,” Magistrate Kalyelye noted.
She ordered Muzumara to pay K1,200 every month as child maintenance for his two children with Cititala.
By Mwiche Nalwimba


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