Lusaka man loses appetite over cheating side chick

THE Lusaka Boma Local has heard how a married man in the capital city lost his appetite, became moody and sad after his side chick posted pictures of herself and another one of her lovers on social media.
According to Mary Tembo, the wife of the man in question said her husband Kelvin Kaunda was a smiley man with a healthy appetite which usually enabled him to demolish little mountains of the country’s staple food, nshima.
However three months ago, Mary noticed that her husband had lost his appetite, was mostly sad and became easily angry for no proper reason.
Wanting to get to the bottom oh her husband’s change in mood, Mary told Principal Presiding Magistrate Peggy Nyambe that she
got snooping on Kunda’s phone and found that his known side chick had posted romantic pictures of herself and her other boyfriend.
Mary’s phone search also revealed a string of messages between her husband and his girlfriend quarreling about the social media pictures she had posted.
Mary then filed to divorce Kunda with with whom she has a two-year old child.
In response to the divorce petition, Kunda said he didn’t love Mary from the outset but that she was forced on him after a session of unprotected fornication which resulted in pregnancy saying that is why he only paid for damage and not dowry.
In passing judgement, the court divorced the couple noting that the payment papers which Kunda signed indicated marriage not damage.
Judge Nyambe ordered Kunda to compensate Mary with K8,000 which should be paid in monthly instalments of K400 and child support of K500 per month.
By Mwiche Nalwimba


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