Woman flees from hubby’s punishing sex rota

A PUNISHING sex rota drawn by her husband has caused a 28-year old woman of Lusaka to pack her bags and flee from her matrimonial home to the safety of her parents’ house in Kapiri Mposhi.
While some couples are working to end droughts in the intimacy department,
Cecelia Chungu has been receiving more than she can handle from her 43-year old husband whom she says has been entering her castle as if his life depends on it.
Giving her account in the Lusaka Boma Court where her husband sued for divorce, Chungu disclosed that she ran away from their home because her husband’s sexual needs exceeded normal appetite as he sometimes even demanded to enter her runway when she was paying her monthly woman bills.
She narrated that her fleeing from her matrimonial home to her parent’s place was aimed to get some fresh air.
Appearing before Senior Local Court Magistrate Pentronella Kalyelye, Masiliso Muselsel said he was tired being in pursuit of his wife who was playing hide and seek and constantly ran back to her mother’s house.
Muselsel called for the marriage to end stating that he was living like a bachelor when in actual fact, he was married.
“My wife left home without my permission for ten months now and went to her parents in kapiri.”
“I live like a single man and so it’s better to end the marriage since my wife is not willing to live a married life,” Muselsel said.
However, Chungu pleaded to the court to reconcile her marriage considering that she has two children and has nowhere to take them.
Magistrate Kalyelye adjourned the matter for later date so that the couple could reflect on their decision.


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