Lusaka man says woman he’s been staying with for 21 years is just a friend

AFTER staying with a man for 21 solid years and bearing four children in a union she believed was a marriage, a woman of Lusaka has been rejected by her partner who says she’s just a friend he has been cohabiting with.
Bwalya Mulenga, 49 suffered the rejection before the Lusaka Boma Local Court where she had sued Modest Kalunga aged 54 of Kasupe area in Lusaka for divorce.
Mulenga told the court she had decided to call it quits on her marriage to Kalunga because he had changed so much from the time his businesses became profitable in 2019.
She said all was rosy and cozy from 2001 until her husband’s swelling bank account caused him to start outsourcing waist pleasure providers whilst she starved in the matrimonial bed.
“He started neglecting me and going out with other woman,” she complained.
Mulenga testified how her man handed her beatings instead of hugs and kisses whenever she attempted to be intimate with him.
Mulenga further revealed to the court that Kalunga would complain about how fat she had become yet her back was as flat as a Hisense flat tv screen.
But much to her shock and that of the court, Kalunga said he could not divorce a woman he had never married.
Kalunga said as far as he was concerned, him and Mulenga were just friends who were staying together.
He even denied being the father of three of the four children born during their 21-year stay together.
After hearing both sides Senior Local Court Magistrate Mpundu Mwape adjourned the matter to a later date for both parties to present their evidence of their claims.
By Mwiche Nalwimba


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