Lusaka woman loses marriage over smooch with male bestie

A MAN of Lusaka’s Libala Stage 3 area has divorced his wife of seven years after learning that she has been locking lips with her male best friend.
The marriage was dismantled by Senior Local Court Magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala
in the Lusaka Boma Local Court on Friday after 45-year old Kennedy Kasanda sued Hope Nsofwa aged 33 for divorce.
Before discovering the heart-shuttering truth, Kasanda believed his wife, the mother of his four children was a hardworking businesswoman who left home to deliver different merchandise to the doorstops of her customers.
However, Kasanda got the shock of his life when his straying eyes stumbled upon an exchange of text messages between his wife and a male she said was her “bestie”, in which the two were carrying out a text postmortem analysis of the passionate smooch they shared the previous day.
After gathering back his strength, Kasanda dragged himself to the Boma Local Court where he filed to be separated from his cheating wife.
“I discovered that my wife cheats on me when I went through her phone one day when she was acting suspicious,” Kasanda told the court.
“My suspicion was confirmed when I saw a text which says it felt nice after kissing you from a guy she claimed is her bestie,” Kasanda narrated.
He said although he loved his wife, he could not continue the marriage with her because he no longer trusted her.
When given chance to speak, his wife also had long list of accusations against Kasanda.
Nsofwa denied ever being promiscuous saying her husband’s suspicions were as a result of too much free time on his hands since he had lost his job.
She said Kasanda was in fact the problem in the marriage as she had once caught him ironing the maid and when she confronted him, he said it’s because she had been starving him sexually.
Nsofwa said one time when she was staying at her sister’s place due to marital dispute, back home Kasanda attempted to sleep with her niece but failed after she fled.
Delivering judgement in the matter, Magistrate Matakala dissolved the marriage noting that it had broken down since there was no trust.
The court ruled that the couple’s two of four children will remain with their mother while the two older boys would be in the custody of their father.
The court also ordered Kasanda to be paying K700 for the maintenance of the his two daughters in the custody of his ex wife.
By Mwiche Nalwimba


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