Lusaka court dissolves sexless marriage

A LUSAKA woman has cried that staying with her husband is like two UNZA monks sharing a room – no intimacy!
Tryness Mwanza aged 30 told the Lusaka Boma Local Court that she has endured three years of no bedroom action after her husband’s engine of pleasure provision cruised while engaging in some extramarital duties.
She asked the court to end her marriage with Clement Kabanze aged 35 saying there was no way she could continue gathering dust on the matrimonial bed when she was a fine young lady whose tools of procreation were in tip top condition.
Appearing before Senior Presiding Magistrate Martha Tembo Mwanza, Tryness explained that before 2019, all was well her marriage bedroomwise and that the couple even had a 10-year old child but was shocked that her husband suddenly stopped rising to the occasion of love making.
She also said prior to her husband’s protracted flaccid rod situation, he would travel for weeks leaving her without money or food and if she asked him, he would tell her to go to her village.
In defence, Kabanze said his wife lied about asking her to depart for the village.
Kabanze said Mwanza went to the village in the saying her mother needed help there.
“At Church when we had a meeting after a dispute, my wife had agreed to stay with me with my condition but later when we got home she refused that she was too young to give up sexual pleasure,” Kabanze said.
He agreed that his marriage be dissolved since that was the wish of his wife and that it was unfair to keep her in marriage without sex.
And in passing Judgement, the Magistrate divorced the couple and ordered Kabanze to compensate Trynes with K8000 which must be paid in monthly instalment of K300 as well as child support of K300 monthly.
By Mwiche Nalwimba


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