Lusaka woman opts out of violent marriage

TO save herself from the ever swelling list of people killed by their spouses, a 28-year old woman of Lusaka’s Chamba Valley has parachuted out of a 10-year old abusive marriage.
Appearing in the Lusaka Boma Local Court yesterday, Agnes Kapela revealed that she fled her matrimonial home to save herself from her husband’s fists of fury.
Agnes said her husband, Luyando Makonka aged 30 was a verbally and physically abusive man who enrolled her to Mike Tyson-kind of jabs, hooks and uppercuts whenever the couple had a difference.
Further, Agnes testified that her husband had also been threatening that he would one day kill her and then commit suicide.
But with cold season threatening to turn single people into ice blocks, Makonka ran to court to beg that the law prevails over the mother of his two sons who also doubles as a human heater to return home so they could leave happily ever after.
Makonka swore before court that he was a changed man who would not even raise a finger on his wife once she reconciled with him.
He pleaded for forgiveness saying he was willing to change and start afresh.
But Agnes rejected his offers of change saying she had heard them way too many times.
She told the court besides beating her to pump whenever they had a difference, her husband was also a shameless womaniser who had fathered a child with another woman outside wedlock.
Ruling on the matter, Magistrate Chibesakunda said he could not reconcile the couple because the woman was not interested.
Magistrate Chibesakunda observed that Makonka had sent his own marriage in connubial Intensive Care Unit by his violent and unfaithful behavior.
By Mwiche Nalwimba


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