30-year old Mazabuka man rapes 91-year old granny

A THIRTY-year old man of Mazabuka is poised for a long jail stay after being convicted of raping a 91-year old woman.
Henry Nzila of Kabobola Compound in the sugar cane-growing town of Mazabuka is said to have committed the rape in January this year.
According to facts laid before before court, one rainy day back January, Rebecca Mwiinga, daughter of victim heard her mother screaming in agonizing pain and shouting “you are hurting me” from her bedroom.
When Rebecca badged into the room where the frail cries were coming from, she found her mother naked with semern on her private parts while Nzila was standing and dressing up.
On being asked what he was doing there, Nzila stormed out of the room and ran away.
It took eight days to find and arrest Nzila who was eventually charged with rape contrary to section 132 of the penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.
After the prosection proved beyond reasonable doubt that Nzila had committed the abominable act, he was convicted by the Magistrates Court and committed to the High Court for sentencing where he will he handed not less than 25 years jail vacation.
By Angela Nambeye


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