No sofa, no fridge, no marriage

A MAN who lied about his personal finances and property during courtship has been kicked to the curb by his wife of only six months.
Clara Nambaba, 23, of Ndola sued her husband Mathews Kashiya, 30, after she discovered all the property he claimed he owned was just an illusion.
Nambaba was also upset that Kashiya’s family had borrowed part of the money gifted to her at her kitchen party and had not paid it back.
Nakamba told the court that after the wedding day she covered that her husband had no properties attached to his name like he told her before the two got married.
She said was left disappointed because her dream of having sofas and a stove were not fulfilled.
Nakamba told the court that her husband’s family lied to her that they would buy a sofa, fridge and kitchen unit but went silent after he married her.
“My husband kept quiet about the whole issue And I did not understand why. I would not want to continue with a man who is a liar,” he said.
– Sunday Times


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