Burundian divorces Rwandese in Zambia

A 34-year old man of Burundian origin who is resident in Zambia has dragged his 22-year old Rwandese wife to court for divorce.
Nduwanga Sarger of Lusaka’s Kalingalinga compound has asked the court to dissolve his three year old marriage with Anastasia Nyiynigwe of the same area because she allegedly sold household goods, ‘for no reason.’
“We always have a misunderstanding with my wife because I’m never heard whenever we have issues,” Sarger told the Lusaka boma local court.
He explained that his wife, at a slightest misunderstanding, goes back to her mother’s home.
In her defence, Nyiynigwe said the problems in their marriage started when Sarger refused to tell her what he does for a living.
She said that before they got married, Sarger lied to her that he had a lot of money when in fact capable of qualifying him to be the Lusaka don.
After living with Sarger, Nyiynigwe discovered that the poor man cannot even make it as a don in the Burundian capital, Bujumbura.
“I sold the TV but it was because I wanted to buy a phone and food in the house. I did so because my husband had gone for two weeks with no news of his whereabouts,” Nyiynigwe told court.
In passing judgment, Lusaka boma local court principal presiding magistrate Peggy Nyambe has dissolved the marriage for the two parties.
The magistrate noted that the two have voluntarily withdrawn from their marriage.
Meanwhile, magistrate Nyambe ordered Sarger to be paying child support of K700 every month towards the maintenance of their one year old child.
By Mwiche Nalwimba


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