Man loses “fiancé” to another man after paying her school fees


AFTER sponsoring her education, a 27-year-old man will now need a binoculars to look at the love of his dreams after the Matero Local Court in Lusaka ordered that he must keep a 100-meter distance from her and her husband.

Richard Miyonsaba, a Burundian national residing in Zambia had been dragged to the Matero Local Court by his compatriot Romeo Ndayishimiye over his attempts to snatch his wife.

Ndayishimiye wanted the court to effect a restraining order on Miyonsaba after his numerous attempts to break his marriage.

At the centre of their legal battle is an irresistible East African beauty Evelyn Niyongabire aged 24, also a Burundian.

According to Miyonsaba, while staying in Zambia where he has been for more than eight years, he was introduced to Evelyn who was staying in Burundi at the time and the two kicked off a long distance relationship in which they mostly communicated by phone.

He then proposed marriage to Evelyn.

Miyonsaba further explained that in response to his marriage proposal, Evelyn told him that she could only marry him if he took up her academic expenses because she had no one to pay her school fees.

Being a businessman, Miyonsaba readily accepted the condition and immediately started sending money to Evelyn for her accomodation and tution fees.

However, Miyonsaba’s trust in Evelyn cracked when he saw her use a photo of another man as a WhatsApp display picture.

When he asked Evelyn who the person on her WhatsApp display photo was, she told him he was a mere friend.

Not long after that, Miyonsaba lost contact with Evelyn after she changed her phone number.

After several months of trying to trace Evelyn, Miyonsaba could not believe his eyes when he bumped into her on the streets of Lusaka, not as a single lady but as the wife of Ndayishimiye – the same man she had once displayed on WhatsApp profile.

Since then, Miyonsaba resumed his efforts to have Evelyn as his wife or at least have the money he spent on her education refunded.

In an effort to win Evelyn, Miyonsaba has reported Ndayishimiye to different police stations on several occasions saying he stole his wife.

Frustrated by Miyonsaba’s attempts,

Ndayishimiye says his business is now suffering because he spends his time at Police Stations where Miyonsaba reports him.

However, Evelyn’s husband is not prepared to lose her that easily especially that his wife denies ever being in a relationship with Miyonsaba or receiving any of his money.

“My business has now gone down because I spend most of my time going to police stations answering callouts. Miyonsaba has been saying that he will make my stay in Zambia difficult saying he will report me to immigration that I am an illegal immigrant,”  Ndayishimiye told the court.

In her testimony, Evelyn said that although Miyonsaba’s friend Willie Njuma had tried to persuade her to marry him, she did not accept.

She said said Njuma had told her to marry Miyonsaba because he was a wealthy man but rejected the offer because non of her relatives knew him.

In ruling in the matter, Magistrate Kaputo Ng’andwe granted the restraining order against

Miyonsaba saying he should keep 100 metres away from Ndayishimiye and Evelyn.

Magistrate Kaputo Ng’andwe also advised the parties to go to back to their countries and engage their families on the issue.

©Kalemba April 26, 2021


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