Livingstone court jails Lusaka man who damaged Zesco vehicle over cheating girlfriend


THE LIVINGSTONE Magistrates Court has jailed a 48-year-old man of Lusaka who vented the anger of his unfaithful girlfriend on a Zesco vehicle.

After driving all the whole night to Livingstone hoping for a blissful time with his lover on April 29, 2020, Gilbert Lungu of house number 34 Mpulungu road Olympia Park was disappointed to find a Zesco electrical technician, Patrick Maswikemi aged 40 had been working on Susan  Chewe the whole night.

On the fateful day, Lungu arrived at Susan’s house in Kazungula Area around 06:00 hours and knocked hoping to see her open the door in her night dress.

Lungu however got the shock of his life when a shirtless and exhausted-looking Maswikemi clad only in a boxer opened the door to Susan’s house.

Unable to stomach the fact that Maswikemi had taken his place in Susan’s bed while he fought off sleep to arrive in Livingston alive, Lungu attacked his competitor.

Too tired from the previous night activities,

Maswikemi instead took to his heels leaving behind a Toyota Hilux registration number ALE 9587, a company vehicle he had arrived with the previous evening.

Lungu then turned his anger to the parked vehicle damaging two of its lamps, radiator, two mirrors bonnet, fuel tank wind shield and door.

The matter was reported to the police who investigated the matter and found Lungu wanting

In Court yesterday, Magistrate Ireen Wishimanga found Lungu guilty of malicious damaged having caused damage worth K23,000 to the Zesco vehicle.

Magistrate Ireen Wishimanga said she considered Lungu’s mitigation and that he was a first offender.

“I hereby sentence you to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour however it will be suspended for 12 months. You are also ordered to ensure that the vehicle is repaired forthwith,” Magistrate Wishimanga ruled.

Kalemba April 24, 2021


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