Kambwili in adjournment bonanza

Chishimba Kambwili

FIRED NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili yesterday received his 2021 Christmas Bonus early with a double blessing of adjournments in the criminal cases he is facing before court.

In the first matter before Magistrate Felix Kaoma the case of defamation of the President which was reported by New Generation Party Leader Peter Chanda was adjourned to 10 May, 2021 over unspecified technical issues.

And in the second matter before Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale also a defamation case could also not take off as the Magistrate is reportedly sick.

With his court schedule lightened, it is now expected that the opposition leader who is on honeymoon with the ruling PF will concentrate on polishing his Bemba proverbs to be used at PF rallies.

However, even attempts by the Akafumba-Atanga Faction to drag him back to court for contempt of court over his posing as NDC President have been frustrated by yet another faraway date of hearing set by the court of June 29, 2021 giving Kambwili enough court holiday.

The Akafumba NDC faction wants to Kambwili and three others sent to prison for disobeying the court order restraining him from masquerading as party president and conducting business in the name of the party.

This is according to a notice of motion for an order of committal to prison.

On April 16 judge Mary Mulanda granted Atanga and ex-parte order for leave to leave to commence contempt proceedings against Kambwili, Saboi Imboela, Paul Mbulakulima and Ackson Kaonga for going against a court order restraining Kambwili and his agents from holding illegal meetings.

This is in a matter where the Akafumba NDC faction has sued Kambwili for impersonating as party president and conducting business in the name of the party.

Kalemba April 21, 2021


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