Court gives Tukuta chance to prove Dora is a “Pimp”

Photographer Chellah Tukuta

THE Lusaka Magistrates Court has this morning granted Lusaka photographer Chellah Tukuta an opportunity to prove his accusations that information minister Dora Siliya is a “pimp” who is in the business of selling young girls to high-profiled men for fleshly enjoyment.

Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale found the 35-year-old photographer with a case to answer in the defamation case against the exquisite minister and subsequently put him on his defense.

In this matter, Tukuta is charged with libel to which he pleaded not guilty.

According to court records, Tukuta on May 26, 2020 in Lusaka, published defamatory matter affecting Siliya in the form of a video on Facebook that, “This Dora Siliya is hooking up girls, selling girls to the high-profile people so that men can be sleeping [with them], she is actually the highest of the highest professional prostitutes. If Dora Siliya is refusing these allegations that she does not connect young girls to high-profiled people for sex, let her come”.

Siliya herself testified in the case and denied ever engaging in prostitution or vending nubile girls for the consumption of wealthy men.

The 50-year-old Petauke Central member of parliament pointed out that she could be single, divorced and may have had failed relationships but that did not make her a high level prostitute as alleged by Chellah.

The matter continues on May 5.

©Kalemba April 16, 2021


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