The Ganja was for personal “partaking”, NIPA student tells court

CAPTION: File photo for illustration

A NATIONAL Institute of Public Administration student has pleaded guilty to trafficking in 15. 2 grammes of marijuana and has told the court that the drugs were for his consumption.

Sibonde Siatontola, 20, told Lusaka resident magistrate Felix Kaoma this morning that the psychotropic drug was found in his pockets on April 4 this year.

This is in a case Siatontola is charged with trafficking in psychotropic substances without authority.

After the charge was readout to him, Siatontola admitted the offence but explained that “I didn’t traffic in the sense of selling but for partaking”.

He is also facing another drug trafficking charge involving 1.6 grammes of heroine which he denied committing claiming he was unaware that he had the narcotic drugs which were also found in his pocket.

The student will remain in custody awaiting reading of facts and sentencing on Wednesday in respect of the charge he admitted committing.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail, April 12 2021


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