Cops likely to freeze this cold season as officer steals winter jackets


ZAMBIAN police officers this winter are likely to be turned into frozen armed monuments at doorsteps of banks and other guard posts after their store room of winter jackets was robbed clean.

While it may not snow, the Zambian winter can be so bitter.

And it is this winter which Zambian Police Officers will face in a naked combat after one of their own emptied the store room at Lilayi Police College of winter attire.

According to allegations before the court, Edwin Phiri, a police officer behaved like a prodigal goat herder who makes a braii off his master’s animals complete with salt and chilli.

Phiri, 23 instead of guarding the storeroom together with his beermate Oscar Mumba, 41 a general worker at Lilayi Police College are said to have been routinely sneaking into the storeroom and leaving with a police winter jacket which they exchanged with strong alcohol such Bols, Simba and First Choice.

Their practice has completely emptied the storeroom.

Due to Phiri and Mumba, even mourners this winter will cry for their dead with frozen tears.

This is because the criminal tagteam after finishing the winter jackets is also said to have emptied the police depot of tent polls.

Meanwhile, the duo was arrested and will appear before Justice Phades Hamaundu in the Lusaka Magistrates Court.

©Kalemba April 4, 2021


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