Grandma vanishes after organising group defilement as defiler awaits punishment

Joseph Winga

CHILESHE Mwape, 51 a retired part-time barlady of Kaunda Square Stage 1 has earned herself a slot on police’s ‘Most Wanted’ list.

 Lusaka cops are searching bush and city for the evil grandmother of Chamba valley who for pieces of muddy coins from a bricklayer handed over her granddaughters for an hour-long defilement session.

For her evil mischief, police have posted her passport size photo on the Criminal Investigations Department notice board showing a face scared by many years of bleaching.

According to court records the four granddaughters, two who are aged 13 and the other 9 and 10 narrated how granny sold them to the devil of a man all to be defiled in an hour-long session.

Ugly facts are that Mwape picked the said children and went with the  to Joseph Winga’s half-roofed ramshackle where she left the girls outside and entered Joseph’s bedroom for some candid discussions.

After about 10 minutes, Grandma Mwape emerged from Joseph’s house with an undisclosed amount of money which she quickly tied on a knot in her Chitenge and hastily left the premises but urged the girls ‘to play’ with Uncle Winga.

No sooner had Granny left than Winga come out of the house and invited the female children into his bedroom.

The girls narrated that once inside, Winga, 35 took turns in defiling all  four of them.

However, medical records show that shameful Winga failed to penetrate the last victim aged 9 as her hymen is still intact and for that he has been charged with attempted defilement which carries the same sentence as defilement and defilement for the other three.

After the gruesome ordeal, testimony by the 9 year old says her 13 year old friend confiscated Winga’s slippers and a blanket demanding payment for the ordeal. However, broke Winga merely opened the door and let the victims go.

Once home, the 13 year old showed Granny Mwape a bed sheet soiled with blood on which was defiled but the grandma told her to keep it a secret.

However, alert neighbors heard of the despicable crime and reported Winga and Mwape to police.

Winga was arrested and yesterday convicted by the Lusaka Magistrates Court and handed over to the High Court for sentencing.

However, the Grandma-turned-pimp vanished from the community leading to the hot pursuit by police.

©Kalemba March 27, 2021


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