Sleepover goes wrong, lands boyfriend in court


WHAT was supposed to have been a cozy aftermath of a sleepover for a 27-year-old immigration officer of Lusaka who had imported his lover instead turned to trouble when her uncle stormed the “venue” unannounced.

Muleta Mutemwa is now in court facing a charge of Assault Occasioning actual bodily harm and Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale has found him with a case to answer.

In this case, the court was told that Elizabeth Mulenga 24, went for a sleepover at Mutemwa’s house and the boyfriend/girlfriend couple had a blissful night.

However, in the morning after their night out, Elizabeth’s uncle Chrisantius Changwereza came banging on the doors furious of what Mutemwa was subjecting her niece to on the soft bed in the room.

Meanwhile, Mutemwa is said not to have taken kindly to the earthquakes of disturbing knocks and allegedly fumed out of the room and confronted Elizabeth’s uncle.

In the ensuing confusion, sources claim that Uncle Changwereza was allocated a dozen slaps and an equal number of whippings with stick for being nosy.

By court record, for his troubles, Uncle Changwereza sustained bruises, a painful chest and bleeding.

Meanwhile, the court has allocated 12 April, 2021 for Mutemwa to explain his version of the sleepover debacle to the honorable court.

©Kalemba March 24, 2021


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