Matero mother demands back son’s erections


A MOTHER stunned Magistrate Astrida Newa’s court in Matero when she sued her former daughter in-law demanding that she restores her son’s erections.

Elita Lungu told the court that her son Chapanama Lungu of Chunga Compound was unable to muster even the most flobby of erections following a spell cast on him by Prisca Mwaba, his ex-wife.

Elita said she could not sit idle and watch her son’s implements of pleasure go to waste due to a former wife’s wicked acts.

Meanwhile, Chapanama Lungu joined his mother in the fight for his God-given erections saying his ex-wife had publicly confessed to casting a spell on his tools of procreation and pleasure as punishment for divorcing her. He added that he was failing to have intercourse with any woman following the same.

Meanwhile, when querried over accusations of freezing her ex-husband’s private assets; Prisca just looked down on the floor of the court order unable to mutter even a syllable.

However, Magistrate Newa stated that the court did not have sufficient powers to restore stolen erections and counselled son and mother to go for prayers until Chapanama’s rocket fires again.

©Kalemba March 21, 2021


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