Kafue wife killer gets 4 years in jail


THOMAS Banda,36 of Kafue Estates is the luckiest murderer walking the surface of this Earth after he danced his way out of the Lusaka High Court with a meagre four-year sentence for murdering his beloved wife Prudence Hamoonga on November 6, 2020.

Banda killed his wife Prudence on the fateful day after he returned from his late night drinking spree and the wife querried him over his presence up to midnight in dens of sin and booze masquarading as nightclubs in the notorious Kafue town renowned for its cheap prostitutes who are famed for outliving their clients under the motto ‘Kafue Sayonda, Ayonda Nimulendo’.

However, Banda did not take kindly to lifestyle audit by his truly beloved and shoved her to the ground where, according to medical evidence, she sustained blunt force trauma and died.

Realising his despicable act, Banda later invited his neighbours to assist him take the lifeless body of his wife away from her warm matrimonial home to the cold freezers of Kafue mortuary.

However, three days later, police refused to accept Banda’s explanation of an accidental death and arrested him for murder.

Throughout trial up to judgement day, Banda had been laundering himself as grieving widower with two infant children who still needed him.

Standing in the accused dock, Banda’s looked pious like a Catholic alter boy during mass; a distant image of his true reckless late night club patron that he is.

He also told the court that he had joined a Catholic group and wanted to be Gender-Based Violence Ambassador once released.

To the suprise of many, the court bought into Banda charade and spared him a death sentence for cold blooded murder of his wife and massaged him off to jail for brief four years effective his date of arrest last year which means with remission, he will be out by 2022.

As Kalemba readers, do you think the State should appeal the judgement to the Supreme Court or let Thomas enjoy his blood-tainted luck so that he looks after his children?

Kalemba March 10, 2021


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