Ndola man seeks divorce from cold wife


VERONICA Changwe of Ndola on the Copperbelt has lost her 11 year marriage on account of her excessive beer drinking which makes her sleep dead cold to the frustration of her husband Andrew Mwape aged 42.

In the matter before the courts, Mwape complained that even caressing wife who drinks like fish was useless as her body turned as cold as winter night.

Meanwhile, in her defence, Veronica said it was better her marriage was annulled as beer was helping her forget about Andrew’s extra-marital affairs with heavily bleached women.

She also added that Mwape was jobless and as such he was seeking divorce instead of seeking for a job; a statement which infuriated Andrew and drew the Court’s intervention in calming the two parties.

Meanwhile, the court divorced the couple so that the wife can pursue her new love for drinking alcohol.

©Kalemba March 8, 2021


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