Kasama Court jails woman for killing baby after birth


THE Kasama High Court has sentenced a 27-year-old woman of Senga Hills district to three years simple imprisonment, after pleading guilty of killing her baby after giving birth.

This was a case in which Joyce Chifunda of Chibi village was charged with infanticide, for having killed her baby on 12th January last year 2020.

Facts before the court were that on the material day, Chifunda gave birth to a baby boy and that after some hours she carried the baby and dumped him in a stream.

The facts further indicated that, villagers who had known that she had given birth became suspicious on the whereabouts of her baby after some days, as a baby was not seen and later confronted her.

The facts further indicated that after a confrontation she confessed having dumped the baby in the stream for unknown reason.

Chifunda has been by Ndola based High Court Justice Yvonne Chembe who is sitting in the Kasama High Court.

Credit: The Zambian Sun


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