Heaven divorces Milenge couple over too much sex


A 42-YEAR-OLD Milenge woman has filed for divorce on account of her husband’s extreme sexual demand.

Minute Chola of Talayi village in Chief Sokontwe’s Chiefdom has told the Milenge Local Court Presiding Magistrate Heaven Chimpandu that she has failed to sustain her husband’s bizarre sexual appetite.

“We have been having irreconcilable differences with my husband Maybin Chisala, 45, because of his unusual sexual demands,” she complained in court.

Chola testified that she was diagnosed with an illness at the hospital and was advised to reduce on too much sex and heavy duties, as the illness resurfaces every time she engages in abnormal sex, but that her husband has totally refused to adhere to the doctor’s guidance.

“We have been married for seven years and my husband demands for sex from me even when I’m menstruating. But he also cheats on me because he engages in extramarital affairs with other women,” she stated.

Chola added that worse more, her husband is a drunkard who does not even financially support their two children aged three and five and the other nine children he has from his previous marriage.

In his defense, Chisala, a Head Cook at Milenge Secondary School, said his wife is talkative and has tarnished his image in the village, at his work place and to both of their families by sharing their sexual affairs publicly.

“She left the matrimonial bedroom a while ago. But I still love and consider her as my wife and I want her back,” Chisala resisted a divorce.

In his ruling, Magistrate Chipandu granted the couple a divorce but that Chola would not get any compensation.

Magistrate Chimpandu said Chola would have handled her bedroom matters better other than washing her dirty linen in public especially that it was her second marriage.

“To you Mr Chisala, put your life in order and plan a proper future for these eleven children other than always thinking about sex and beer,” Magistrate Chipandu advised.

Magistrate Chipandu gave Chola full custody of their two children and ordered Mr Chisala to be giving his ex-wife K300 as child support on a monthly basis.

The property the couple owned among them a refrigerator, kitchen unit, a kiln and maize were shared between them.

Credit: ZANIS


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