Beatrice Hangwende’s pardoning shocks family of woman she murdered


FAMILY of late Monica Chabwera Phiri who was murdered by Beatrice Hangwende in 2007 is shocked by the pardoning of the killer.

It has been reported that Hangwende has been released on account of good behavior by the Zambia Correctional Service for after spending my 11 years.

Hangwende was initially handed a death sentence for killing her husband’s girlfriend before her sentence was reduced to life imprisonment.

However, this week, news emerged that she had been pardoned.

Reacting to the development, the victim’s family says it is shocked.

Sister to the deceased has been quoted by Yar FM that the family is disheartened by the authority’s decision and she has since demanded for an explanation as to why someone who was sentenced to life imprisonment can be released.

Phiri said the family would not accept the move because the murderer of her sister needed to pay adding that the only way the decision will be accepted is when the late Monica is given the power to resurrect by the Zambia correctional service.

Kalemba October 23, 2020


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