Miles and Nchimunya skip legal obstacle to marriage


MILES SAMPA’S relationship with his beloved Nchimunya may have just received the best Prayer and Fasting Holiday gift following the High Courts decision to free the Lusaka Mayor from his contract of marriage with his estranged baby mama Mwika Mwenenchanya, a central banker.

Following months of heaping praise on Nchimunya for a myriad of qualities, top among them, being his improved dressing, it should not be difficult for the eccentric mayor of the nation’s capital to commit to marriage to Nchimunya since the possibility of him being cited for bigamy is now zero.

Having been declared the best dressed couple at Lusaka July, social media fashionistas are already up in thumbs speculating on what attire the two love birds will don on their big day and whether the nuptials will be live on Boba TV.

Well, we can only wait….but perhaps not for too long!

©Kalemba October 19, 2020


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