Kanyama wife loses tooth over K20 lotion


A TWENTY-FIVE-YEAR-OLD woman of Kanyama Township has ditched her husband after he knocked out her tooth and dislocated her jaw over the K20 she used to buy lotion.
Naomi Mwange told the Kanyama Local Court that she has lost interest in her marriage because her husband Luke Lubinda 29, is violent.
Mwange was testifying against Lubinda who she sued for divorce.
She told the court that her husband was stingy and rarely left money for food at home.
“From the time we got married, he has never bought me clothes, I always put on Chitenge materials,” Mwange said.
She said her husband does not buy her lotion but subjects her to buy applying Vaseline.
Mwange told the court that he buys all the household groceries including relish.
“This man beats me up as though he is beating an animal, additionally there is nothing to show for in this marriage because I am always starving,” she said.
In his defence, Ludninda told the court that he beat up his wife because she used his money without permission.
He said the money Mwange used was for something else and that it was prudent for her to ask first.
“I budget whenever I have money, my wife should have asked first before using the money, I don’t want divorce,” Lubinda said.
He told the court that he still loved his wife and he was not happy that the couple was now apart.
In passing judgement, Magistrate Abyshine Michelo sitting with Magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala castigated Lubinda for being an abusive husband and ordered for divorce since Mwange was no longer interested in marriage.
The Magistrate also ordered Lubinda to maintain their child and the couple should share all property.
CREDIT: Zambia Daily Mail/Mike Mugala


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