Court witness implicates musicians JK, Wille in land scam


A COURT witness has implicated JK and Wille, singers of the PF hit anthem “Dununa Reverse” in a land scam.

Testifying in a case a where a ministry of lands official Mwiza Phiri is charged with one count of obtaining money by false pretences, Rexious Chomba, 32, told the court earlier that JK and Wille brought and introduced the accused to prospective buyer of a 60×40 plot in Lusaka’s Chadleigh area.

It is alleged that between January 9, 2019 and March 3, 2019, in Lusaka jointly and while acting together with other persons unknown, with intent to deceive or defraud, Phiri obtained K300,000 from Henry Mambwe by falsely pretending that he had a plot for sale when in fact not.

Mwiza queried the witness why he was arrested alone leaving out JK to which Chomba responded that “he did not know about that.”

The State Witness said the plot was to cost K300,000, a price determined by JK real names Jordan Katembula.

A South African businessman Khangele Matutu had had asked Mambwe to help him buy land.

Chomba who works for Matutu said on the said date, he was with his boss who informed him that he had recieved a call from JK saying that he had a plot for sale.

The 32-year-old witness said Matutu and JK arranged for a meeting and met the same day in Jesmondine in Lusaka.

“Upon meeting them, they took my boss and I to see the plot in Chadleigh. I was with my boss while Katembula was with Wile. My boss said that’s where he wanted to have a plot. He asked him how much and Katembula valued it at K300, 000,” he said.

Chomba further testified that later, an appointment was made to meet that evening to discuss the payments modalities

“They mentioned they will bring someone from the Ministry of Lands to help with the paper work,” Chomba said.

Chomba explained that later that evening around 20:00 hours he went with his boss to Radisson Blu for them same appointment.

He said JK came with Mwiza and introduced him as an official from the Ministry of Lands.

“They said my boss needed to pay K60, 000 for the paper work and that is all I know about the case,” he said.

The matter has been adjourned to February 13, 2020 for continuation of trial.


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