Helping Others Accomplish Great Things…Making Your Life Count with Dr Humphrey Mutiti


A Person’s greatest attainment may well be helping others accomplish great things. Likewise, a person’s failure may be thwarting others from achieving greatness. Delilah in the Bible played an insignificant role in Samson’s life, but her effect was shattering, for she charmed him to betray his special calling from God.

Be careful with those who take you away from your calling though they pretend to care about you. Delilah valued money more than relationships. Her relationship with Samson was out of convenience. She betrayed the man who trusted her. She was motivated by greed and used her persistence to wear him down. “With such nagging she prodded him day after day until he was sick to death of it.

So he told her everything.” Judges 16:16, 17). Samson’s fixation with her made him a powerless target. For all his physical strength, he was no match for her, and he paid a great price for giving in to her. Delilah is never mentioned again in the Bible. Her infidelity to Samson brought ruin to him and her people.

Are people helped by knowing you? Do they find that knowing you challenge them to be the best they can be? Even more important, does knowing you help their relationship with God? What do your demands for their time and attention tell them about your real care for them? Are you inclined to be God’s instrument in the lives of others?

The story of Samson and Delilah teaches us that we need to be careful and prayerful to place our trust only in trustworthy people. Greatness is measured by the impact you have made in people’s lives and not what you have amassed or your degrees. Be a ladder for people to use to get to the top. Be a blessing to people. Be a solution and not a problem.

Dr. Humphrey Mutiti is a Pastor, conference speaker, instructor, and lecturer at Great Commission Theological Institute, an author of several books, and has a Ph.D. Doctorate in Theology, a Ph.D. Doctorate in Ministry, and is a student in the School of Law.


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