Aweah Sorry and Chile Koffee By Godfrey Chitalu


When Olio Sorry son of the 1.8 million arranged a fill-up Heroes show, the kingdom quickly degenerated into polarization after the 2.8 million earmarked a flip show on the same day with Chile Koffee.

To date, the 2.8 have not forgiven Sorry despite offering apologies that songs do not elect leaders. It all started when King Kagwa reserved Heroes Stadium for a mother of all victory parties not knowing that King Heightened Hope of the 2.8 would triumph.

The kingdom now is at a crossroads because of the opposing nature of Aweah Sorry and Chile Koffee. The leadership style of the 1.8 relies on scratched CDs to mime otherwise danceable songs. They keep singing Alebwelelapo, Don’t Kubeba, and Dununa Reverse whose fortunes are past the sale date. Music lovers are fearful of Kommando cadre tactics common during the Kagwa times and claim the best response to the proposed show is Aweah.

On the other side, the love of everything foreign is pushing the 2.8 to their abyss. Their love for aromatic Koffee and everything Western is of Kamalatic proportions.

They are secretly mobilizing to ensure they flip Heroes to their advantage. The chances of succeeding are Mumba slim and Yachik to say the least. Koffee being a beneficiary of our smuggled mealie meal is ripe for the bidding although the Commission for Censorship of Shows has banned some of his songs.

As the 2.8 say Aweah to local is laka Komando songs, we are doomed as a kingdom to embrace More Pal O whose lyrics include La femme de quelqu’un – helplessly falling in love with someone’s wife – smuggling ingasileso!

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