The Kingdom of Kamwendo

By Godfrey Chitalu
The Come When Day kingdom, locally known as Kamwende or Kamwendo was located in a dense forest whose bowels boasted of rich copper, diamond, uranium and emerald deposits.
Because of its remoteness aspirants to its throne were judged not by their craniums but by calf muscles and ability to walk long distances. The founding father’s missionary walks earned the kingdom the name: Nzambi or God. Ever since his demise successful rulers have followed his footsteps.
The next in line, true to the long walk to freedom tradition popularized multi colored Swiss boots. Although citizens complained about his extravagance, they did not know that he was just a staunch traditionalist. A fiery orator and unionist, he privatized all kingdom mines before joining his forefathers. A museum of thousands of size three boots, as he was of a miniature height, can still be visited today.
During the reign of three other rulers, the kingdom grew exponentially as a result of incognito, medical and tourism travels. Unfortunately they all reunited at Embassy Park: one did so while on a journey away while the two within the kingdom. By then the kingdom was opening up to the outside with Nokia phones.
When the sixth ruler assumed office, he was well ahead of others and had read the script that Nzambi’s prosperity hinged on flying than walking. With a private jet, he had the moniker of John Walker for constantly taking the short distance to his jet. His oriental meanderings brought massive investments. He mocked contenders as weak, wobbly and joggerless.
When his rule became untenable for being too airborne, another brave warrior came into focus. He promised not only to sale the bird but to forsake walking and concentrate on rebuilding.
After the Gods granted him his wish, elders of the kingdom whispered to him about the real walking motto behind Nzambi. They reminded him that prosperity for the kingdom could only be realized if he became the chief marketer within and without.
As an obedient mortal man, he accepted the challenge to maintain and use the same bird. Now Nzambi is again on the right track or is it truck – cizungu ichi! I’m off to blew sales!
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