Cultivating a soaring attitude

Author: Joan B. Mute

…Introspection Time with JBM

LATELY I have been taking an inventory of situations in general including some ventures that have been part of my life for years now.

A sense of frustration and feeling of plateauing has been eminent to a point of losing hope. I have been overwhelmed with a sense of discouragement as to whether I should move on or quit.

Have you ever been at a place where you convince yourself that certain ventures, attempts, enterprises, and much more are meant for other people and not you?.

A feeling where you begin to believe it was a wrong venture, career, or whatever life choice simply because you do not seem to be succeeding?
If this is familiar to you then am comforted as I am not alone after all!

One afternoon I gazed into the skies deep in thoughts and saw an eagle soaring high to great heights. This triggered an interest to study the life of an eagle, trying to understand the concept of ‘soaring’.

I realised at this point, God was trying to remind me of yet another lesson to be extracted;
The power of a soaring attitude!

This article is for those who have lost hope in life due to some failing business, venture, investment, career, academic undertaking, health and whatever efforts. A reminder that in fact you are wired to SOAR to greater heights.

Remember a soaring eagle is one of the famous birds used on some state and organisations’ flags normally to symbolise courage, freedom, power, ability to overcome challenges among others.

So the concept of soaring means to increase rapidly above the usual level, or simply ascending to a level markedly higher than the usual (Cambridge Dictionary).

Soaring suggests an ATTITUDE you cultivate in life.

According to Chris Widener, known to be America’s number one influence and impact strategist, much of what we may call our world and experiences stem from the attitude we choose to embrace over situations we are confronted with.

This means an attitude is cultivatable and that it can spur you to limits you never knew existed.
Join me on this journey of cultivating or rekindling a few other attitudes underlying the Soaring Attitude in whatever areas of your current struggles;
Raising standards; this commences with you checking some areas of life that require improvement beyond the current status.

Tonny Robbins argues that raising standards often has positive ripple effect where certain things begin to shift to your advantage. When standards get raised, it creates an atmosphere of progress and growth. Decide to raise standards in your studies, business, career, job seeking, health and much more and see how it pays off.

Remaining determined; this entails you having an inner resolve and conviction to achieve your goal no matter what life throws at you. I have seen this principle take me to places of victory I would otherwise not been if I gave up easily.

Remaining optimistic; the need to remain positive even when hope seem to be failing. Optimism is an attitude that breeds positive energy to re-energise you to keep the wheels turning while you watch God stepping into your situation and making things anew.

Above all, confront your fears; Fear imprisons your seeds of greatness God deposited in you. You have what it takes and so stop stagnating your dreams and SOAR again into great heights of rare opportunities and achievements.

No need to lose hope, you have the key in your hands to Soar High.

Reality is that…
“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”1 Corinthians 2:9 New Living Translation).

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Author: Joan Beulah Mute , is a Lecturer in Research Methods, Sociology and Law and Ethics in Public Health at the University of Lusaka.

For feedback or reactions, email [email protected] or follow on Facebook @Joan Mwanza Mute and Twitter @JoanMute



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