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…An Introspection Time with JBM

LAST month of March was one of the trying months I have ever faced, with situations that demanded me to simply WAIT. It was one challenge after the other and the circus did not seem to stop sooner.This led to more and more frustrations and feelings of desperation were unavoidable.

The challenges faced included our only dependable car having a major breakdown requiring some huge funds for repair and an opportunity that was being anticipated but never unfolding fast enough among others.

Looking back, like anyone else, my life has been surrounded with moments of being in a waiting room. Sometimes for a shorter period and other times years of waiting. Am further reminded of years of waiting I had to endure before God could bless us with our first born child, and the struggle is real.

Being in a waiting room is inevitable and sometimes it can prove to be so painful and defeating.

This article is for someone who is weary of continuing to be in a waiting room. It could be for a job, a partner, accomplishments of some studies, breakthrough of a business, healing for a certain ailment, transformation of son or daughter, having a child and desire for marriage among others.

Think about the deliberate waiting of an entrepreneur to build their enterprise that proves to be value adding to many lives in later years. How about the waiting of an expectant mother carrying a child for nine months amidst episodes of morning sickness and hormonal drama and the list is endless.

Waiting remains an inherent phenomenon that is unavoidable despite being against our desire for instant results.

Everyone has something they have waited for before and have been waiting for in their lives. In fact, if it be within your powers, you would have acted to ensure you breakthrough fast enough.

The virtue of waiting therefore, is not about instant results. One has to maintain a certain positive attitude and tenacity to keep the wheels turning. It is a process that enables your inner growth and development apart from being resilient.

We reminded of Robin Sharma who said, ‘the larger the dream the longer it takes and that best things take a little longer. Hence, patience becomes mission critical to you’.

It is all about the attitude you embrace while in that waiting room. Waiting enables you to remain strong in amidst of chaos and challenges because your inner being has been built.

It enables you to handle what is coming in life because a greater resolve and confidence has been attained from the waiting experience.

Sometimes, it may never come the way you envisage but God presents it to you in another way you will still appreciate!

Remember,…..‘But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint’ (Isaiah 40:31 NIV).

One day as you endure in that waiting room, and God gives you that long awaited breakthrough, being the orchestrator of situations, you will look back and say……it was worth the wait.

What have you been waiting and believing God for? Share with me and we can stand together in prayer.
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Author: Joan Beulah Mute (JBM), is Lecturer in Research Methods, Sociology and Law and Ethics in Public Health at the University of Lusaka

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