Author: Joan Beulah Mute (JBM)

THE RAIN season in Zambia like many other countries in the world often bring undeniable urge to put variety of seeds in the ground, aimed at achieving good crop yields to benefit families.

This is true among those with high interest in farming.

Over the weekend, I held several types of seeds in my hand, among them, pumpkin, maize, groundnut, bean and okra. Determined to maximise my backyard garden space, several seeds were planted with great anticipation of a great harvest.

Worth noting however is the common characteristic of those seeds: all are small in size. Some even looked so weak with no supportive evidence or potential to germinate.

Truth be told, as minute of a particle as the seed is, you cannot underestimate the potential productivity it holds. The harvest realised later would not only feed masses but has other socio-economic benefits both to the planter and the consumer.

The seeds can be likened to ideas we always develop in our God-given minds. These are seeds we often shelve with little sensitivity to the ticking clock.

Zechariah 4:10 (New Living Translation) states, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin….”

Over the past few months, how many ideas have you generated and entertained in the area of business, investment, educational advancement, personal development, music, social, economic projects, and skill attainment, among others? Yet when you look back, these ideas are still shelved and with the passing of time, you tend to lose the initial zeal and enthusiasm, much to your own deflation.

Regret and frustration tend to grip you due to ‘missed’ opportunities in the implementation of some of the ideas. However, not all hope is lost. Life still gives daily windows of opportunity to actionize those ideas. Seize the moment!

When you awaken from your slumber and determine not to despise those ideas which are ‘seeds’ and what they can do in your world, you will realise the need to break that cycle of non-implementation. The multi-million corporations and businesses, projects and programs we see globally emanated from a minute idea which was allowed to germinate.

The world has been waiting for the same shelved ideas. Stop starving your world and decide to remain a conduit of blessing, leaving life changing imprints as you endeavour to actionize some ideas. Be a history maker using your ideas.

Humble beginnings often lead to great achievements, even in amidst of failure – a principle to remember! William Whewell, a renowned philosopher, once said “every failure is a step to success”.  Therefore do not fear to fail.

Natalie Parker, an Australian wildlife paint artist, asserted that starting small will often lead to develop traits of handling growth, sharpening one’s  skill or craft and developing resilience, patience, consistency and discipline among others.

A simple approach you may consider towards actionizing your long awaited and shelved ideas is:

i. Revive that idea

ii. Take a bold step to actionize it

iii. Consider starting small

iv. If it falls, identify learning points

v. Try again with a humble start

For your hopeful ideas for 2021, do not fear. Do not hold back. Let 2021 be crowned with idea-actionizing attitude as you allow God to lead you.

Quote: “Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” John Steinbeck.

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Joan Beulah Mute is a lecturer in Research Methods, Sociology and Law and Ethics in Public Health at the University of Lusaka (UNILUS)

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