Greenit urges swift implementation of drought measures


GREENIT Environmental Management Network is urging swift action from all stakeholders to implement the measures announced by Government in response to the ongoing dry spells across the country.

On Monday, President Hakainde Hichilema addressed the nation in a press briefing, officially declaring the challenges presented by the prolonged drought, exacerbated by the El Niño phenomenon, as a national disaster.

During the briefing, he outlined various measures that the government intends to implement to support the population during this challenging dry period.

The President emphasized that resources would be directed towards modern irrigation systems and water harvesting operations, aiming to enable farmers to continue their agricultural activities despite the harsh climatic conditions.

Greenit Executive Director, Anthony Simukonde, stressed the urgency for the government, civil society organizations, and private entities to swiftly execute the proposed measures, highlighting the critical impact on people’s lives.

“The time to act decisively is now. Lives are at stake, and the majority of Zambians face dire consequences due to the prolonged drought brought about by El Niño and climate change,” stated Simukonde.

Meanwhile Simukonde stressed the need for long-lasting solutions to address the root causes of environmental degradation and climate vulnerability.

“There is a need for sustainable solutions that address the underlying factors contributing to environmental degradation and climate vulnerability,” said Simukonde.

He said long-term solutions would provide resilience against future crises.

Simukonde specifically pointed to the importance of investing in agricultural productivity, renewable energy infrastructure, and community-based adaptation initiatives to avoid similar calamities in the future.

He reassured his commitment to supporting Government’s efforts in mitigating the impact of the prolonged drought and climate change on the people of Zambia.

By Elesani Phiri

Kalemba March 2, 2024


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