Government suspends RTSA revised user fees


GOVERNMENT has suspended the revised road user fees which were revised by the road transport and safety agency (RTSA) announced and implemented on May 20, 2024 by the agency.

The agency announced an immediate increase in the road user fees as prescribed by the statutory instrument 25 of 2024.

But during the nineth cabinet meeting held at State House on May 23, 2024, government said in view of the drought as a National disaster and emergency the implementation of the reviewed road user fees will be suspended.

Information and Media Minister Conilius Mweetwa said during a press briefing yesterday that the suspension is to allow citizens to cope with the economic instability in the country due to the drought.

“The revision of road user fees will be implemented at a later stage, this was decided upon to cushion the economic instability.” said Mweetwa.

And Capital bus proprietor Ishmael Kankala has welcomed the move by government saying the implementation of the revised fees would have presented grave financial challenges in the transport sector.

“The increment in user fees would have impacted the profitability of the transport sector and the cost would have been passed on to the commuters.” he said.

By Elesani Phiri

Kalemba 28 May, 2024


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