Zesco buys more power from Mozambique


The national utility, Zesco has signed a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) for the acquisition of 90 megawatts of electricity in the initial consignment to Zambia.

Zesco managing director Victor Mapani said the power is strategically aimed at addressing Zambia’s current power deficit in the country.

Mapani emphasised the procured power will be directed primarily towards vital sectors such as mining, industries, and agriculture, thereby bolstering production levels within the economy.

“Part of the power is going to be directed firstly and mostly to mining sector, industries, agriculture,” explained Mapani.

He further assured the public that negotiations with the Mozambican Energy Company (EDM) were still ongoing to secure additional power supply.

EDM chief executive officer Marcelino Albertino echoed Zesco’s sentiments expressing Mozambique’s commitment to sustainably providing power to Zambia citing the longstanding cordial relations between the two nations.

This development underscores the collaborative efforts between Zambia and Mozambique to alleviate power shortages and support economic growth in the region.

By Catherine Pule

Kalemba, April 4, 2024


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