CDF gives Kalomo facelift.


OVER K80,000 of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has been given out to successful applicants in grants in Kalomo district of Southern Province.

Giving an overview of various projects in his constituency to Director spokesperson from the Ministry of Information and Media, Henry Kapata, when he paid a courtesy call on him, Kalomo District Commissioner Joshua Sikaduli said both youth and women groups have benefited from the CDF.

He stated that a vision led team of young and elderly women approached the Ward Development Committees and successfully acquired a grant of k70,000 kwacha which is utilised as their business capital.

“This group of women order Kapenta from Sinazongwe and resell it here at the local markets at a profit,” Sikaduli said.

“Director you should take note that there is another group of women that managed to acquire a grant of k10,000 in order to venture into village banking (chilimba).”

Sikaduli added that the group impressively upscaled the money to k30,000.

He disclosed that pupils from his district will no longer have to endure the hardness of the floor during learning sessions as from 2022, a total of 1,700 have been procured.

The district commissioner expressed excitement that he would no longer have to worry over the safety of school going children during different weather conditions because there will be a shelter over their heads.

“Each ward of the 12 constituencies in Kalomo district have a classroom block being constructed and the projects are expected to be concluded by the end of the year,” added Sikaduli.

It was also revealed that five health posts are currently under construction in different wards in Kalomo Central and Ndudumwezi including one maternity ward which is being built in Kalomo Central whose works stand at 80 percent.

Sikaduli additionally highlighted how animal and crop farming are key players in the survival of the people of his district.

He pointed to the erection of various animal spraying centres across the district which help in the prevention of animal disease and attacks.

Meanwhile Sikaduli praised the support from the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Arts for donating 20 football kits with the aim of encouraging youths to engage themselves in sporting activities.

And in his reiteration, Kapata appreciated the efforts being put in by the local authorities of Kalomo district in ensuring that the CDF is progressively put to good use.

He expressed delight over the unite of purpose stating “were people have a divided vision, very little is achieved but it is very clear by the implementation of these projects, you are united”.

Kapata further appreciated the inclusivity in the application of the CDF, “all areas are being considered, I see in education, health, even old women are not left out in village banking”.

He described the report on the various projects as “moving in the right direction.”

He however urged the DC and his team to not be relaxed but rather work even harder in seeing that all projects are brought to completion.

By Elesani Phiri

Kalemba March 13, 2024


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