Plan ahead to avoid hunger crisis, Mayangwa urges agriculture minister


A POLITICAL observer has urged the country’s Ministry of Agriculture to plan ahead in order avoid a looming hunger situation in the wake of a draught that has destroyed crops.

Farmers in most parts of the country have seen their crops wither as a dry spell persists threatening to reverse the gains made towards food security.

Fearing for the worst, Dillon Mayangwa notes that the country will face the worst crisis if no measures are put in place to curb the situation.

In an interview with Kalemba, Mayangwa called on Agriculture Minister Reuben Mtolo Phiri to “wake up from his slumber” and lead in finding alternative solutions.

“The country is experiencing dry spells. Maize fields are drying up. This is not the right time for agriculture minister Mtolo Phiri with his directors to fold arms and watch with others, No. This is time to come up with plan with his team on how to deal with the situation. To come up with policies that will speak to the looming hunger crisis,” Mayangwa said.

“There is little hope for crops in the affected farms to recover especially… We need to think outside the box ahead of the disaster.”

Mayangwa emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating that the continued inaction by the ministry and its leadership could result in a “hunger disaster,” he said.

“Minister Phiri and his team cannot afford to be passive observers. This is the time for decisive action and clear-cut policies to mitigate this crisis.”

Mayangwa underscored the severity of the dry spell, arguing that the current state of crops in affected provinces leaves little room for optimism.

“There’s not much hope for recovery, especially for the advanced maize. We need to think outside the box and proactively address this before it’s too late,” Mayangwa emphasized.

Kalemba February 22, 2024


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