PES africa empowers local businesses offers training, solutions


FOR too long, pests have ruled the roost in Zambia’s agricultural fields, their reign of terror hindering progress and health.

But a new champion has risen, a knight in shining armor wielding not a sword, but a toolbox filled with safer, smarter solutions – PES Africa, a company determined to empower local businesses and individuals.

Led by local partner Adil Sidat, a former pest control officer, the company aims to empower local businesses and individuals with safer, more effective methods while promoting sustainable practices.

Previously, accessing necessary pest control products in Zambia proved challenging. However, Recognizing this gap, PES Africa registered their products with ZIMA, established local stock, and initiated training programmes.

Today over 120 participants, have already benefitted from these sessions, learning how to use the company’s products effectively and responsibly.

Sidat told Kalemba in an interview that PES Africa helps Zambian companies meet export requirements and contribute to the nation’s agricultural ambitions by building capacity and train pest control providers.

“As we know, the aim for Zambia is to become an agricultural export. In order to do that, you need a lot of certifications and documentation related not just to export, but also to pest control,” added Sidat.

Additionally, PES’s safer alternatives address the dangers associated with some commonly used methods, protecting human health and the environment.

He said their solutions reduce secondary poisoning.

“In Zambia, we use zinc phosphate. Now with zinc phosphate, anything else that eats zinc phosphate will die immediately,” Sidat said.

‘We also push the use of products such as bait boxes. So when you put rat poison in a bait box, it cannot be accessed by anyone who doesn’t have a key.”

One of the PES trainers, Frans Knussen sees positive developments and believes continued collaboration and knowledge sharing, will further elevate the industry in Zambia.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba February 7, 2024


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