Mtolo unveils mechanisation policy to boost agricultural sector


AGRICULTURE minister Ruben Mtolo has disclosed that the Government will roll out a mechanisation policy on February 28 aimed at enhancing the agricultural sector.

Mtolo revealed that the Government plans to establish a center of excellence in each province, equipped with machinery suitable for agriculture, including tractors.

At these centers, farmers will be provided with knowledge to reactivate and revamp mechanisation.

Mechanisation refers to the adoption of machinery and technology to perform various tasks involved in farming processes such as plowing, planting, harvesting, irrigation, and other field and post-harvest operations.

The aim of mechanisation is to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce manual labour dependency.

“Our dream is to have six mechanisation centers in each district,” added Mutolo

This announcement was made during a handover ceremony where Corteva Agriscience presented a tractor to 41-year-old farmer Lastone Kamangala.

Kamangala emerged as the winner of the Limani Muwine Nafuti Nafuti competition, where farmers participated by purchasing 10 kgs of Corteva hybrid seeds such as Pannar. 

Other farmers won prizes such as solar light systems.

Corteva managing director Samson Nyendwa praised Mtolo’s dedication to fostering growth in the agriculture industry. He reiterated Corveta’s commitment to achieving the government’s 10 million tons maize production target by 2027.

Nyendwa highlighted the importance of hybridization and called for government assistance in establishing mechanisation centers to further boost the agricultural sector.

Last year’s grand prize, a truck, was awarded to a farmer adopting hybrid seeds, showcasing the campaign’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices.

Minister Mtolo expressed gratitude to Corteva for its presence in agriculture and urged them to provide Kamangala with implements to complement the tractor for a comprehensive farming capacity.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Agriculture Director of seed control and certification institute Dr. Francisco Miti emphasized the need for best practices, urging farmers to seek assistance to achieve the optimal yield of “250 by 50 kg bags per hectare.” 

Dr Miti stressed the importance of selecting the right seed varieties for specific regions.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba January 11, 2023


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