ZESCO working to curb over staffing


ZESCO is working to cut down on unnecessary and costly work force, the company’s managing director, Victor Mapani had said.


This is being done through revisions in employment criteria in order to improve operations and align the workforce with the specific needs of the industry.

During a media interaction, Mapani revealed that Zesco faced a situation where certain positions had an excess of employees, while others crucially lacked sufficient labour.

This led to the hiring of extra staff, resulting in increased operational costs.

“The overblotting is actually employing a lot of people who do not have the work that you want to do. So what you do when you need this work now, you have to go and employ an option to do the work.”

He cited an example in the environmental department where there was an overstatement of over 16 senior officers, leading to unnecessary financial expenditures.

To address this, ZESCO is actively working to optimize its employment structure.

Mapani highlighted a recent change in employment criteria, expressing concerns about the mandatory Grade 12 certificate requirement for general workers.

He questioned whether this qualification was suitable for jobs that primarily required physical energy.

In response, Zesco is streamlining its workforce, converting general workers into casual laborers.

“Instead of us buying trucks to replace 15 people, we employ 15 people. These are grade 7s. Grade 0s. As long as they can understand. They can hear, or communicate to do the work,” Mapani added.

The power utility’s strategic approach emphasizes aligning recruitment with the practical needs of various roles, prioritizing practical skills over formal qualifications.

This shift not only addresses immediate workforce requirements but also fosters a more efficient and responsive organizational structure.

Beyond internal changes, Mapani shared the long-term vision, stating, “We are hoping that after two years, we will stabilize. We will stabilize our equipment and our long workforce.”

This vision underscores Zesco’s commitment to building a versatile and skilled workforce capable of meeting the dynamic demands of the power sector.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba November 30, 2023



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