Agripredict bags US$25,00 for best innovation

AFTER a two days innovation expo in Lusaka, Agripredict solutions, entered the weekend with a victory after their innovation was selected as the overall best among 10 projects to win US$25000 worth of support to develop and commercialise their creation.
Agripredict developed a platform that solves numerous challenges faced by small scale farmers.
The platform uses artificial intelligence to predict the weather, detect crop diseases, link farmers and agri-dealers to buyers and sellers of farm produce or Inputs, among other services.
Agripredict Solutions chief executive officer and co founder, Cassandra’s Mtine who was shaking after they pronounced her as the winner said postive impact was the motivation behind the innovation.
Mtine disclosed on Friday during the exhibition hosted by Digital Systems Solutions (DSS) and National institute for Scientific and Industrial Research (NISIR) that the platform will serve small scale farmers and address food insecurity.
She revealed that it will also serve as a platform that will record data when ever the farmers detect any disease with their crops, of which the data will be sent to the necessary district authorities that will come to asses the situation.
The platform can be accessed through short code and a software/application.
Mtine further said the Agripredict platform was first launched for disease detection but due to other overwhelming needs of farmers, the vision changed into an ecosystem approach with the small scale farmers at the centre of it.
She said the financial support won by the company will go a long way In upscaling more development, additional services and marketing.
Meanwhile, four other innovators who made it to top five of will be exhibiting with NISIR at the forth coming Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka.
By Moses Makwaya


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